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Functional Workstation Wall Panel

Product Description
HIRA Functional Workstation Wall Panel are available in width of 1500mm and 1750mm. Height of Wall Panel is 2000mm. Thickness of Wall Panel is 80mm. Wall Panel is made of rigid steel framework having 2 perforated and 2 plain steel panels. KHIRA Wall Panel frame and accessories are powder coated in black color and for perforated panels you can choose from 4 handsome colors.

Key Attributes

  • Functional Workstation Wall Panel newly developed by KHIRA, permitting ergonomic planning of work processes, saving precious time and space, because of carefully planned systemized layout it makes working easier.
  • The Workstation Wall Panel provides a new optimum solution wherever additional functional area has to be brought into visual range and at arms length.
  • Testing and measuring instruments are kept handy as are spare parts, handbooks, plans and auxiliary equipment.
  • All items are within easy reach on the functional wall panel: laid out according to specific function on shelves, swivel arm, perforated panels, channel for plactic bins, or hooks.

Work Bench

Product Description
KHIRA Work Benches are available in 4 different widths of 1500, 1750, 2000 and 2400mm. Depth of all work top is 800mm. Work Bench working height is 880mm. Work Bench Top is available in two thicknesses of 50mm and 60mm. Bench top is constructed from 3 layers of wood strips, glued, planed and sanded. All layers are then machine pressed. Workbench top has a teak beading all around. The work bench is mounted by means of steel anchor inserts and machine bolt.

Key Attributes

  • HIRA Work Bench systems are fully modular and a range of components i.e. leg assemblies Bench Tops, Workshop Cabinets, Accessories and a comprehensive range of partitioning material is tailored to solve any storage problem.
  • All the Work Benches can accommodate tool cabinets as per customer requirement. It can accommodate tool cabinet of TRB 250, TRB 400, TRB 800 with various drawer combinations.
  • Work Benches can also be mounted with vices, power supply sockets and riser shelf. They can be covered with 2mm thick steel, stainless steel, aluminium or PVC sheet.
  • Mobile work Bench is also available wherever the location has to be changed frequently. It is equipped with two lockable steering castors and fixed castors. The load capacity of the castor is 500 kg.
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