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Tool Cabinet For Pharamceutical Industry

Product Description

ool Cabinet for storing dies and punches are available in 3 standard models:

1. Model TCB 1000/12-DR/75A: This model comes with 12 drawers. Each drawer is 75mm high. Each drawer having 4 plastic trays. Overall size 717mmW * 707mmD * 1000mmH.

2. Model TCM1000/12-DR-75A: This model comes with 12 drawers. Each drawer is 75mm high Each drawer having 4 plastic trays. Overall size 717mmW * 750mmD * 1000mmH.

3. Model TCM1000/7-DR-125A: This model comes with 7 drawers. Each drawer having 4 plastic trays. Over all size 717mmW * 750mmD * 1000mmH.

Key Attributes

  • Effective storing of costly Dies & Punches. .
  • Make quick and easy access for required size and save time.
  • Prevents pilferage, theft and damage to costly dies and punches
  • Saves space and gives longer life to dies & punches.
  • Specially designed plastic tray to systemitaclly, hygienically, and securely hold dies and punches.

Tool Cabinet Drawer

Product Description
KHIRA Tool Cabinet drawers come in 10 different heights ranging from 50 mm to 300 mm. Tool Drawer is available in two capacities:
1) Light duties "A" type drawers (100 kg UDL capacity with 90% extension).
2) Heavy Duty "B" type Drawers (200 kg UDL capacity with full extension)

Key Attributes

  • Khira's Tool Cabinet drawer's unique design has created 17% extra usable area in light duty drawers and 6% more usable area in heavy duty drawers.
  • Change Drawers in seconds whether heavy duty or light duty. No troublesome removal of screws and no disconnecting of telescopic slides.
  • Light duty and heavy-duty drawers of the KHIRA Tool cabinet slide on ball bearings and steel rollers.
  • Khira Tool Cabinet drawers allow you to safely store much more in the space normally used by fewer tools. This is possible due to an extensive range of accessories, dividers and partitions.
  • Drawers of Tool Cabinets incorporate a simple system of partitioning and dividing of drawers. All partitions and dividers are available in standard sizes to create numerous combinations as required.
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