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Mobile Storage Systems

Khira brings to India, one of the most sophisticated storage systems in association with Nord plan, Denmark.The nord-plan scandline Series Mobile Storage Systems are an answer to the problem of ever-decreasing space and record management in offices as well as industries. These storage solutions are designed to be  compact, yet  provide ample storage space by eliminating the need for multiple access aisles. whether it is a file, data storage media or bulky docoments, they will help increase storage capacity by as much as about 100%.ScandiLine Storage Systems score over other available systems on many features especially the  drive system  which makes the operation  smooth and easy.

Scandiline Systems offer a choice of three drive system you can choose one depending on your storage requirements and size of the storage systems.

Manual Drive System

For storage between 750mm to 2000mm,this system can be comfortably operated by a simple push and pull with the hand. Allows one or multiple storage units to be moved effortlessly.

Mechanical drive System

These drives offer mobility to carriages from 750mm up to 12,000mm.The carriages are moved using an  easy-to-use and ergonomically designed low-geared hand wheel on individual modules.Can be used to move single or multiple carriages.

Digital Drive System

Offered in India for the first time, the digital driven systems are powered by high efficiency motors that can move up to 17,000mm long carriages. These storage systems are operated by  an easy-to-use  microprocessor controlled keypad. This provides the highest level of security for certain applications when sensitive files can be zoned and accessed by only permitted users entering the personal identification number (PIN).An optional special software allows the computerized control of storage units and contents, random storage of items, route-planning and pre-selection of aisles as well as file tracking.

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