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Time-consuming searching for a item a things of past with EUROMAT. The desired item is quickly retrieved safely and reliably. This is made  possible by utilization of modern technology. their shelving type construction allows flexible use of available space, resulting in high storage density. They utilize the space between the floor and the ceiling completely, thus reducing space requirements in office or warehouse/factory.



INTERTEX carousels are the right  choice for the storage of your products, especially when the solutions are challenging. The machines are configured to fit your load in your facility. With the carousel, you are guaranteed product protection and random storage with selective retrieval, so that production always  has what is needed, when it is needed.


Vertical Lifts

Lift systems are effectively automatic high bay storage systems of compact construction, and can consist of several lifts. These are designed to "GOODS TO MAN" principles. In each lift a platform conveys store goods from storage position or from storage to opening. As compared with the conventional automatic high bay storage system, this results in increased flexibility together with faster access.



These are the dynamic storage systems in which the "GOODS TO MAN" principle is effected by means of carriers circulating horizontally.

Incase of horizontal carousel, the goods, flat and box pallets are stored on the circulating carriers and presented to the operator at the removal zone.

Individual carousel are located adjacent to one another without intervening aisles,i.e.-without loss of space. These economical, high capacity systems combine the function of storage, presentation of parts and order picking. At the access to several carousels.

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